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Zuzka Vaclavik

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My most recent paintings combine elements of graffiti, textile patterns, botanical illustrations, tattoos, and Eastern religions. I continue to work with these same subjects, which have converged in my past works and functioned as singular meditations on disparate fragments of experience.

However, where my symmetrical paintings function as captured moments within a rotation, as one might imagine when viewing a kaleidoscope, the newer works question perception. Overwhelmed by a constantly changing visual glut of images, how and to what extent do we remember what we see?

The newest paintings play with the idea of perception and memory by utilizing positive and negative shapes as well as micro and macro vantage points. Similar to Zen aesthetics, the background, or white space, is as much the subject as the foreground shapes. Unexpected visual breaks and reversals in figure ground relationships try to capture sight and memory in a more tangible way.

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