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Zoey Brookshire
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

I have been moving in and out of a body of work I have come to call Id Paintings for the last twenty years. These past two years have seen an especially strong resurgence of this work in my studio. I call them Id Paintings because I believe the Id to be the primary source of archetypes held by myth - those old old stories that seem so familiar - as well as the new ones we create in our dreams. My work has used both as inspiration and point of departure.

Are these works Southern? I do not think they speak to a cultural condition exclusive to our region nor to a particular historic condition of the South. I absolutely believe these paintings contribute to a new understanding of art in the South if that new understanding of making art as Southerners - and I am an eighth-generation Southerner - includes an aesthetic informed by all the world has had to offer the human imagination for millennia.

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