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Zipporah Camille Thompson

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Trans-liminal tension between the natural, material world and the metaphysical, cosmic plane is conveyed while simultaneously echoing conjured identities and multiple planes of consciousness, including explorations of darkness, eco-multicultural feminism, otherness, and the infinite. Sculpted shapeshifters embody hybrid landforms, and via abstraction, signify present day bodies in crisis: bodies of land, bodies of women, and (black and brown) bodies of color. Amassing cultural signifiers and mining geographic histories, black spatial infinities and topologies are examined through universals.

Ritual, alchemy, chaos, and metamorphosis, are key to understanding both the objects themselves, and also in the particular blend of processes used to create these objects. Wild handwoven textiles, fired clay, felted wool, paper pulp, and handspun cord are fused with foraged fragments, heated plastic, and roadside remnants.

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