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Zack Ingram

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I’m not sure I want to fully understand the social and cultural milieu of the modern American South, yet I find preoccupation in monster truck rallies, Baptist church hell houses, and designer camouflage. Never having felt ownership over these conventions during my upbringing in the Mississippi Delta, I look for ways to present them with the same curiosity I had back then. Mediation operates as a primary metaphor through material intervention, as well as information lost in mechanical processes in printing. I find a certain productivity (as well as a bit of humor) in mixed messages and misapprehensions while trying to find congruence in an environment that was not necessarily built with me in mind. By filtering symbols of masculinity and blue collar work through my queer voice, I give myself the freedom to paint a new portrait of the South, one that includes my own belief systems regarding inheritance, trauma, and desire.

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