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Zachary Eichelberger
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My painting is the result of a process that begins without a predetermined end point. I liken it to a tipped over hour glass: it begins expansively, the middle part is a contraction and it’s uncertain, the final part expands again where things get simplified, resolved, fleshed out. I’ve always been a figurative-expressive painter. I also don’t have a predetermined meaning, message or question. That comes along the way. But I don’t especially like knowing all the dimensions of the work. I like to let go of that at a point as I believe this creates the space of others to draw meaning according to their point of view. However, if people look at my paintings and think about their life, their place in the world, on the planet and what that may or may not mean, then I’m pleased and I’ve done my job.

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