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Willie Little
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I am a professional painter, installation artist and storyteller, born and raised in rural North Carolina, now living in Northern California. My work celebrates my rural upbringing while documenting a fading part of the American landscape.

Materials inform content. Objects have a metaphysical, social and spiritual energy as I take advantage of my connection to them. Assemblage pieces/installations are layered with humor, irony and contradiction. They speak with an unabashed honesty that engulf environments with a surreal sense of reality as they critique portions of America’s social dilemmas. They invite us to open our minds, hearts to seek unexpected truths.

According to essayist Bill Gaskins, Little is "the viewer, listener and participant of his environments, paintings and assemblages. The work has been presented in a wide range of experiences, observations, and sights from this skilled, spirit driven artist storyteller, editorialist and native son of the American South." and

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