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Willie Little
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

In the series Nodder Doll/ Living Doll, the nodder (bobble head) picaninny banks, made of ceramic and chalk were in the Japan in the 1950's. They were marketed and sold to white America as souvenir, a novelty, as Black Americana. I defiantly reclaim, re-present them; to elevate and celebrate their beauty from the ill-conceived form of degradation they originally represent. The assemblages sit proudly beside large-scale figurative portrait-like paintings on canvas and wood panel. The work hints and suggests the pieces could be living, breathing modern day adult manifestations of today's Black woman. The pieces become a trumpet or a mouth piece, speaking to the subversive nature of racism in the past and present. I reclaim the disrespectful and insulting fruits and use found objects to embrace today's real-life issues and struggles to evoke today's Black woman's challenges, strength and her resilience

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