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William Dunlap

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

There Are Many Souths.

Mine was a pan-southern upbringing. I have called Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida home. This peripatetic life has provided an uncommon if not unique perspective on the American South.

The constant motion of a time great with social change and upheaval has kept the South, and me, more in flux than in fashion. There is little that is virtual here; it is all real and narrative.

Our region’s writers - William Faulkner, Richard Wright, Eudora Welty, Walker Percy and others have influenced my work more than any school of painting. The artist’s role is "to write the history of the world on the head of a pin," as Mr. Faulkner often said. Difficult if not impossible, yet well worth the try.

I never set out to be a Southern artist, just an American one, but the call of home is strong.

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