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Whitten Sabbatini

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

As a Mississippi native, I feel a certain responsibility for creating photographs that depict the people and places of the South. Often, the region is thought of by others as being desperately destitute. Other times, it is idealized for being the birthplace of the blues and the juke joints of the past. The South is certainly a place haunted and oppressed by its troubled and weighty history.

I moved to Memphis, Tennessee in August, 2013. Searching for the nuances of the South and its people, I immediately began photographing the area that surrounded my new home. What I found, I'm not sure, other than people living and working as they do. For the brief moments that I'm able to spend with these people, I'm able to indulge in the stories, passions, and interior dramas that make up each individual's daily life.

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