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Warren Hicks
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

After dedicating most of my career to abstract painting – relying heavily on the pursuit of a perfect color theory – I’ve embraced the camera as a brush and introduced black and white to my pallete. Although they reside on opposite ends of the spectrum, these photographs are a linear progression informed by the compositions and graphical elements of my paintings.

But now, instead of creating from a void, I’m extracting the extraordinary from the ordinary – utilizing nothing but light and the purity of a blank sheet of paper – grace through simplicity.

This series was shot outdoors on my deck in the middle of the night using an iPhone and a flashlight as my only light source. The forms captured exist only in the images. The paper configurations were rearranged after every shot. It was during this process that I realized I was indeed shaping light. These photographs bring me calm.

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