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Vivian Liddell

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

These works are from a series called In the Hall of the Mountain King, after the Edvard Grieg composition based on Ibsen’s play, Peer Gynt. My mother’s father was in the army, and she spent part of her childhood in Denmark. The fairy tales of trolls made their way from her childhood to mine. I love that the troll can be a source of comfort or terror, maybe simultaneously. The story of my mountain king is a complex interweaving of family dynamics, patriarchy, power, religion, and the South during a time of change.
The materials I’m most comfortable with are from the so-called “bad” crafts of my youth (googly eyes, hook rugs, macramé…) I use embroidery, vintage fabric, found objects, and craft-store materials alongside formal painting to question assumptions about gender and the South, and to confront art world elitism. I consider them paintings, but with a range of materials.

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