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Victoria Dugger

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

My artwork is about my disability extending from my experience living as a disabled woman of color. I am interested in how concept of self is formed by the world around us.

I examine the idea of normality, othering, and relation of self and body. I question traits of visibility and how they may contribute or prevent disabled women of color’s personification. My intent is to expand normality within which bodies are operated.

I allegorize naivety, oppression, desire, and fear. Isolation serves as the social model of disability I.e. the de facto segregation. A forest is a place where there is a natural equality; a place of “natural” justice, not social justice.

Making disrupted patterns, I consider the inadequate resources and systemic barriers facing disabled women of color. The repeated pattern describes traumatic repetition and desensitization.

My goal is to offer a more inclusive representation of the human experience.

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