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Vickie Pierre

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My work is informed and inspired by personal history, surrealism, popular culture and the decorative and ornamental arts. This inspiration has manifested itself in years of collecting materials that often serve as muses for my two-dimensional paintings and paperworks or as elements within my assemblages and installations. With the use of these appropriated source materials, my continued focus is on the exploration of self-identity with references to Haitian mythologies and feminine psychology, while concurrently considering feminine and historic tropes relative to contemporary cultural politics. The combination of re-contextualized materials along with the titles and texts (stemming from song lyrics, poetry), constructs a narrative that exemplifies femininity, beauty and romanticism. Alternately, the compositions within the work allude to the biological and botanical structures of the natural world, further pursuing the universal themes of identity, socialization and interconnectivity.

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