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Vadis Turner

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My work explores the transformative possibilities of feminist materials. Connecting generations of women, my production methods assert value on the female experience. Each work fuses archetypal women, from literature and rites of passage, with relevant atmospheres and landscapes.
Domestic textiles and feminine commodities are translated into storied abstract paintings and sculptures. Up-cycled layers of ribbon, clothing and bedding are translated into brushstrokes. Rigid or liquid materials, such as wood and tears, are fixed in resin.
My Heirloom series was created from interviews with southern female elders. Their insights blurred the lines between object and knowledge, allowing me to re-imagine heirlooms beyond traditional classifications.
My current project centers around the hopes and dreams of tween girls. The resulting works are inspired by their developmental perspective and explore spaces between the wall and floor.
The tween and elder projects will grow regionally.

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