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Trish Gibson

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Trish J Gibson is a Southern-American photographer and writer originally from East Tennessee, currently living and working in Richmond, Virginia. Gibson’s work revolves around interpersonal relationships, southern traditions, rural queerness, oral retellings, and the complicated nature of excavated histories.

In her works throughout the past three years, Gibson has concentrated her gaze on telling the story of her family's history of generational trauma - centering on the women of the maternal side of her family. Using herself as a guide or a conduit to organize accounts, Gibson's work questions the larger systemic breakdown of accountability and truthfulness regarding abuse.

Most recently, Gibson's work was shown at the Midwest Center of Photography in Wichita, Kansas and she received a scholarship to attend a residency at Studios at MASS MoCA where she began a new body of work, including a series of golden shovel poems based on the writings of Dorothy Allison.

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