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Travis Townsend

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Sketched, built, carved, drawn-on, dis-assembled, rebuilt, painted, tethered, clamped, and tinkered-upon (memory-inducing?) garage-made-useless-vessel forms……………….sort of. Perhaps they are ruminations on the idea of an ark. Maybe they are beautiful.

Made primarily from reclaimed materials, these process-oriented works take a winding path to completion, evolving from continuously redrawn sketches and traveling through many transformations before being cut apart, reassembled, and reworked. Parts are often transplanted, left behind, or recycled.

These sculptures play off the forms of tools, toys, and boats and have layers of mark-making and painting that contribute to the building of a vague "history". Curious inspection and patient observation reveal previously unseen drawings and room-like interiors, many with small chairs and ladders “left over from previous inhabitants".

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