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Tracie Thornton

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I reincarnate things and turn them into art.

Through photography, printmaking, collage, bookbinding, jewelry, and performance I give dismissed items another life.

I am a griot.

I not only share stories that don’t often get told, I share my own story one piece of art at a time.

My work is rooted in challenging ideas about markmaking, religion, spirituality, mythology, and redemption. I explore our differences as human beings as well as the bridges that connect us.

I work to merge disciplines as one would put together a puzzle.

My work reflects personal interests in our cultural emotional tendencies:

•Nomadic idealism that leads to a belief that in relocating there is certainty of a better life.

• How faith can contribute to visualized outcomes.

• How societal and personal expectations (stereotypes) can become prisons literally and figuratively.

• Faith in oneself is generally mislabeled as a negative form of egoism.

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