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Tom Nakashima

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My painting encounters singular monolithic images. The choice of subjects is intuitive -- not analytical. My preference for an image is not related to "meaning". I do not to deny the actuality of meaning but I do doubt that all things "have" meaning. Much of what we call art is in this category. If I make an encounter with something that is profound and disturbing -- I try it out. This disturbance is not tied to language or symbol in a postmodern sense. Rather it is the feeling of wonder affected by (what I perceive to be) inherent properties within that subject. I do not think that "meaning" is pertinent to my manner of thinking here. While I am drawn toward existential thinking I continue to believe that intrinsic qualities like power and beauty do actually exist. It seems old fashion but Kant's sublime is the magic that I seek in my observations and in my art making. When I view my own work I ofter feel that I am "the second reader".

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