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Tom Hollenback

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

The two bodies of work that I have included are both in opposition and in balance to one another. I am highly responsive to tightly constructed, reductive works that maximize light from colored plexiglass to produce meditative experiences. Using construction materials and a variety of acrylics, the fluidity of light in these works and the architectural forms reference elements of the built landscape that transport water throughout the Southwest where I have spent a significant part of my life. For me, they exude a quiet power and serenity.

The second body of work that I term Accretions is playful and intuitively directed, comprised of formed and found wood and poured iridescent acrylic paint. These intensely hued forms, when dried, are mounted on laser-cut clear acrylic sheet and floated off the walls. Created individually, these are assembled in loosely linked aggregations to form dynamic and colorful installations evocative of time I spent in Rio de Janeiro on an artist residency.

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