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Titus Brooks Heagins
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

My photography addresses issues of marginalized communities, intimate visual stories about American families, gender and sexual representation, and class conflicts in the American Southern landscape. 

Typically, visual stories of marginalized communities are violent, explicit, or portray suffering. Instead my lens searches for a more nuanced and broader representation of their lives, recalling how they love, share, and dream possibilities, whether or not they are truly attainable. One such body of work it titled "Durham Stories: Not Hell But You Can See It From Here!" When I began this document, it was a collection of portraits whose purpose was to expose those residents humanity, but since the harsh and quick gentrification of the neighborhood it has now become a requiem for those who are forced to leave. 

This photography attempts to disorder the normal paradigm also of who Southerners are and how they present and represent themselves.

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