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Tina Salvesen

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My work and process are based in the natural world. I see the cycles of Nature as metaphors for disintegration and renewal.
We long for home to be a place of safety and tranquility, whether that home is a family abode, a national homeland, or simply a state of mind. It is a hopeful metaphor of the Human Spirit’s need to keep evolving forward from one comfortable nesting place --or state of consciousness- to another,
Depicting birds, common symbols of the spirit, and their nests, or temporary homes, is a way for me to talk about our own need to find a home within ourselves in a world that is constantly changing, as we go from one lifetime to another.
In several of the artworks, I bury the paper in a shallow bed in order for the particular nature of the ground to make its impression. These works, having undergone their own process of deterioration, highlight the theme of life’s ephemeral nature.

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