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Timur Akhriev

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My work blends elements of realism from my formal training in Russia and Italy with contemporary aesthetics and conceptual theories of the United States. Complexity is essential.

I embrace compositional liberty, a love of complex surface qualities, and a freedom to break rules. Much of my time is spent observing nature: the structure of Western land formations, the ever-changing light in the wheat fields of southern Spain, and the brilliant colors of water in coastal Maine.

Travel is an important element of my work. My ongoing exploration of culture close to home or in far-away lands influences my vision and my studio practice.

A fascination with people, their features, their past, and how their surroundings influence the color palette and texture of their clothes is at work in my portraits. I seek to convey the uniqueness of the person, tell their story and share their journey with the viewer.

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