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Tim Hussey
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Tim Hussey’s images are often quite dark and brooding despite an abundance of white space. His paintings are a means of giving release to the unconscious, the feelings and instincts that exist beyond the realm of understanding. There is no initial plan, or elaborate drafting process. “I work mostly from my gut – and behind any gut response is a collected library of past lessons, avoidances, desires, instincts, stories and philosophical and spiritual belief systems” he explains. “The main goal when I paint is to avoid direct narratives, any imagery (however abstract) that I don’t feel as ‘the truth’”. What ends up on the canvas is unfiltered and raw, without any recasting of experiences or emotions through self-conscious or analytical thought. “What I include is much less important than what I exclude. I stick to stories without a beginning or an end. Life feels that way to me – a story you fade into and then fade back out of, without much explanation”.

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