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Tikva Lantigua

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I'm a visual artist, with a writing practice- I make work about people, beside behind on top against with alongside
The germ of a new project develops in response to tension and language; I am first-generation Dominican-American, I look at cultural and relational, familial and societal dissonance through an auto/biographical lens. In drawing writing collecting, I am an aspiring pop-sociologist, bookmaker, and thinker in-series and disparate connections. My questions find form in collaborative book projects, in drawing and sound installation of stigma and paranoia, in a visual essay on reproductive terror that I may never share with my family. These works lean against Shame and its siblings, Guilt and Judgment in order to grapple with what being a body really means: a body in a tension of relations, in all its complications and excitements, a body performing history. In order to imagine something better than the now.

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