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Temme Barkin-Leeds

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My paintings and animation represent my reaction to war videogames called “shooters”.
In both, I change the game’s character and impede its ability to function as originally conceived.

My animation invades Battlefield 3 with a painted line that sometimes transforms into symbols of Americana - ice cream cones, baked turkeys, apple pie - which are absurdly incongruous with the game’s realistically depicted Afghan war landscape. An aggravating sound undermines the exciting dialogue of the original game.

My paintings fix, flatten and abstract the videogame’s imagery making it immobile. The paintings are about paint, surface variation and composition, denying the war videogame’s original intention to appear three dimensional and immersive. My color is visual sugarcoating, not pretend reality, and my shapes only hint at their origin.

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