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Tanya Firmin Dischler

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Growing up in a south Louisiana coastal community & in the middle of sugarcane fields, my paintings reflect my love of nature and its inhabitants.Having witnessed many natural disacters, I'm drawn to protect & preserve our natural treasures. Hurricane Katrina flooded my studio. Attempting to save my watercolor paintings, I applied different mediums & textures to seal what paint remained on the water soaked papers. The ruined painting took on a new life & I liked what was happening. This experimentation led me to the creative techniques I use today.
Using transparent acrylics, I add color & the subject starts to emerge. Borrowing from my bayou background, an egret,pelican, flora or a burning cane field appear. An easily recognizable subject is surrounded by a subtle background of intertwined shapes & patterns. The subject juxtaposed with intricate organic forms become alive.The touchable,leather-like texture of the paper is mounted on canvas & preserved with protective varnish.

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