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Tamie Beldue
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Through drawing, I compile layers of diligent perception to depict an image of a complex individual.

The model’s independent thoughts and feelings are expressed through their body language in either fleeting or gradual changes. Perhaps a transitory interruption in the rise and fall of breath, or the disappearance of a bone that was once pressing against the skin – I record these subtle nonverbal clues, instabilities, and movements over time with the intention to build an illusionary space of breathable air in which an inhale could be palpable. I, as well, also approach each juncture with fluctuating perceptions demonstrating that reality is fundamentally immeasurable; therefore, the accumulation of marks presented extends the work beyond traditional portraiture.

Using this as a preface, the figure is appropriated as a universal platform to discuss contemporary social contexts through distinct bodies of work.

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