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Tameka Norris

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Tameka Norris, also known as Meka Jean, was born in Guam and grew up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and in Los Angeles. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Los Angeles, before graduating with an MFA from Yale University School of Art in 2012. Through her work in performance, video, photography, and installation, Tameka Norris critiques the invisibility of blackness in cultural forms that are built upon the appropriation of black cultural expression and idioms. Additionally, Norris has sought to originate and control the distribution of her own images, delving deep into themes of authorship and subject hood. Since 2013 Norris has been teaching as an Adjunct Professor at Dillard University and a Visiting Artist Lecturer at Xavier University both in New Orleans, La.

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