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Tameka Norris

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Much of my early work was about Hurricane Katrina. By 2014, my work was focused on the clumsy relationship between old and new spaces, old and new community - aka gentrification. My family and community are constantly being defined and redefined. This show confronts what it means to try to engage with, and be a voice for some members of my family. Social media really allows anyone to have a voice and I’m really intrigued with perceptions of what we put into the world (words and images) which ultimately define us.

Being Facebook friends with family members is so problematic but amazing and necessary at the same time. I have friended and unfriended family and family has friended and unfriended me on social media. My “friends” consist of colleagues, aunts, parents, grandparents, other artists, patrons and admirers of me/my work.
The social mash-up of types of vernaculars, humors, dialects, lananguages, images, memes and so on is unpredictable in “public” social-space.

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