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Suzanne Jackson

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My focus is the exploration of the strength of pure acrylic paint as structure and narrative. Selected cultural memory in the paintings and drawings evolves with searches for the “spirit” references to Indigenous-American cultural legacies that have originated in this entry region of the African-American experience. My visual responses emanate from curiosities about passed-down stories and lesser known day to day traditions continuing in practice within African-American culture. African-American Classical music (also known as “jazz”), Blues, and regional American music forms are the historic associations used to visually reference musicians, dance, and related elements in nature.
In the tradition of incorporating “what is at hand”, reused Acrylic shards and fragments directly applied, eliminate disposal of paint residue into the
environment. By altering linear surface and gestural content, color shapes evolve into paintings and drawings influenced by the paths of ancestors.

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