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Suzanne Jackson

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I imagine lyrical improvisations, color-textural qualities, abstractions heard in music, nature; paintings recognizing ancestral traditions that reverberate American retentions, legacies that originated in this entry region of the African American experience. Each painting may suggest passed-down stories, or a lesser-known day-to-day customs in continuing practice within African American heritage and culture throughout all of the Americas. “Signifying – Indications”, places, events, and musicians, are suggested in structured layers of pure pigment, unexpected color-shapes and crusty additions of Acrylic detritus. Sheets of pure Acrylic support refined forms as slightly moving narratives in space. Each work develops as my visual response to African American Classical music (also known as Jazz), Blues, and Indigenous music. References to history, family, civilizations and environment influence my work process, connecting and reaffirming our presence in the historic paths of ancestors.

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