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Suzanne Jackson

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My visual responses flow from curiosity about passed-down stories and day-to-day traditions that continue south to north in American cultural practice.
Emphasis is in exploring the “spirit” of American cultural legacies that originated in this entry region of the African American experience.
Musicians, places, events, and elements in nature are related by layering textures, transparency, and line. The strength of pure acrylic paint as structure and narrative emulates improvisations in African American Classical music (also known as “jazz”), Blues, and regional American music forms.
In the tradition of incorporating “what is at hand” reused Acrylic shards and paint fragments directly applied, eliminate disposal of paint residue into the environment.
From the hearts of African ancestry and Indigenous folk throughout the Americas, music continues in my work, as magical mysteries, connecting and reaffirming our presence in the historic rhythms of the migratory paths of ancestors.

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