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Susie Ganch

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I am interested in trash: used coffee lids, bags, and other items we throw away. This detritus connects me physically to the world outside my studio and serves as a commentary on our collective habits of consumption. While so many things we covet and consume are eventually abandoned, trash is dirty and discarded but can become seductively beautiful. In Drag, a 10-foot bracelet appears to grow as it accumulates more and more bits and pieces of unwanted trash. I fashion coffee lids into tapestries that become oceanic currents in the Pile Series. Problem solving skills from metalsmithing translate into the new work easily. A price-tagging gun becomes a riveting tool and sewing parallels soldering. Necklace for a Narwhal, is constructed from bottle lids and discarded faux pearls couched and strung using traditional beading techniques. It is both an offering to nature and commentary on the insidiousness of our throw-away culture.

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