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Susan Worsham

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Bittersweet on Bostwick Lane
My brother took his own life on his ?rst visit home after severing his spinal cord in a motorcycle accident.
The last person to see Russell alive was my oldest neighbor, Margaret Daniel.
She brought him her home made bread, and he ?nished the whole loaf before
shooting himself.
Margaret has since become the strongest thread throughout my work, and
together we weave a family album of what was once the intangible landscape of
my childhood. Each time I visit Margaret I enter through the kitchen door, and
each time she has a new story to tell which enriches my work like a complex
broth. A project that I first thought was about death has since become about growth as Margaret shows me my mother's Camellias still growing in my childhood backyard. I begin to realize that the southern soil holds generations not only in the graves, but in the lineage of seeds from the different flora that continue to grow. The soil becomes richer as it regenerates itself.

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