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Susan Jamison

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I have visions of a woman re-wilded. The unique and intimate connection of women to the natural environment is central to my work. My feminine iconography spans several media including painting, drawing, textile based sculpture, and installation, all charged with ritualistic and goddess based mythological associations. In my allegorical egg tempera paintings I present a florid woman who forays into the wild and engages with animal spirit guides or familiars who are agents for her communion and receptors for her enchantments. Thread and lace banners bearing messages delicately rendered within the paintings connect and bind the figures and animals while honoring domestic women’s crafts such as lacemaking, and stitching. In my sculptural and installation work I use materials such as silk, embroidery floss, feathers, household tools, and soil which are methodically chosen to create reimagined artifacts, scenes of secret earth-rooted ceremonies, and interactive spaces that nurture women.

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