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Susan Jamison

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My mother passed down to me her secret feminine knowledge of plants, birds and wildlife on walks into the deep forest during my childhood. She instilled in me the symbolic meaning of spotting a fox, an orb-weaving spider or a rare trillium. These memories and my lifelong sense of connection to nature strongly inform my imagery. The figures in my allegorical egg tempera paintings are like Pictish warrior woman decorated for battle, like Mother Nature who’s skin is literally blooming, or akin to a Fascinatrix luring through spells. Alongside this enchantress, are fauna and flora native to my region in the Blue Ridge Mountains that she communes with and bewitches. Sewing implements, thread and lace banners bearing messages within the paintings honor traditional women’s arts of stitching, lacemaking and embroidery. Resisting a specific narrative, my paintings are enchanted moments from my highly feminized vision of nature.

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