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SunKoo Yuh

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My work as an artist is to transform the images from my mind into tangible ceramic sculptures. The sculptures are sometimes monumental and then again sometimes small. My ceramic sculpture express not only physical realities but psychological realities at the same time, the sculpture also reflects my relationship with people and life experience around me, encompassing front and back, inside and outside, present and past memories.

I draw images intuitively and spontaneously with ink and brush. I closely study my drawings and select a few to hand built into three-dimensional clay sculptures. My works are built of different clay bodies such as porcelain, stoneware and sometimes porcelain casting slip. I use fifty different colorful glazes on top of each other when I glaze my work then fire to around 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Rather than controlling glazes, I allow glazes to play by their own rules and I accept the results of unexpected serendipities.

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