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Sue Johnson

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Ready-Made Dream explores interconnections between mid-20th century aesthetics, consumer culture and the American Dream. It is also a contemporary updating of the vanitas painting tradition in which symbolic objects remind the viewer of the transitory nature of life and the folly of overemphasizing worldly goods. These hyper-real domestic interiors take inspiration from the artist’s autobiography as well as advertising, and designs for the ideal home, in particular, the post-WWII suburban, single-family home and its miniature manifestation the modern dollhouse. Rather than depicting domesticity in miniature, the 10-foot tall vinyl prints are larger-than-life, as if projecting a desire that is greater than reality. The installation integrates elements of trompe l’oeil and stage scenery, traditions that encourage us to envision alternate realities while also becoming more aware of the ways in which artifice and stagecraft, in all its forms, can profoundly shape our perceptions.

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