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Steven Lester

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

I am a contemporary, narrative artist, and I use the power of expressionist painting to ignite imaginations, evoke emotions and capture universal aspirations. I have found sports to be a good staging ground to paint colorful narratives through a compelling point of view. I am mystified by underdogs, scrappers and overcomers who defy odds, deal with adversity, and make the impossible seem possible.

I was invited to the 2020 (now 2021) Summer Olympics in Tokyo to have a solo exhibition of narrative, Olympic-themed paintings at the prestigious Tokyo American Club.

I am a 2020 Executive Fellow in the Clark Hulings Fund’s Art-Business Accelerator Program. I am recipient of the United States Sport Academy’s prestigious International Sports Artist of the Year award and the American Sport Art Museum’s “Zhenliang He Cultural Medallion”.

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