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Steven L. Anderson

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Nature changes us. Nature absorbs us. The wilderness has a gravity all its own, that pulls us into its orbit. Once we are there, our senses quickly tune in to the sounds and scents of the outdoors. Our bodies discover new rhythms that have nothing to do with nine-to-five.

My work is about the power of Nature, and the nature of power. Alone and collaboratively, and across several media, I engage in projects that attempt a shaman-like empathy with nature to perceive, identify, and work with the energy flows that surround us. Many of these *energy strategies* are manifested in the studio, artworks which function as tools for activating energy in individuals and communities.

My goal is to make images, things, spaces, and situations that fuse the exhilaration of the human spirit with the ferocious beauty of Nature to make a palpable, tingling essence.

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