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Steven Cozart
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

As of late, my work has begun to reflect my thoughts and feelings about race and identity in America, focusing on stereotypes of the African American Male and Female within the paradigm of the African American Community as they deal with Colorism. Working as both a visual artist and documentarian, I interview family members, friends, youth, and acquaintances about their experiences regarding skin tone, hair texture, and masculinity in relation to other African Americans. The interviews (both video and sound bytes) serve as inspiration and reference materials to investigate these complex relationships.
The goal of the work is to begin a conversation within a public space about why these stereotypes are so prevalent within the African American community, given the community’s history in the United States. I fully expect that some will find this enlightening, while others will find it unacceptable and enraging. As long as the conversation begins to happen, I can accept that.

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