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Stephen Hayes
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

As a creator, my artistic practice is motivated by my desire to question themes of race, identity, capitalism, consumerism and brainwashing within American history. Throughout my journey I’ve collected found objects and transformed the everyday into compositions that reveal untold truths. This interest in using the commonplace item to ignite social change originated from my childhood. I use my work to change how people view someone that looks like me.
It is my personal and professional obligation as an artist to continuously look for creative and thought-provoking ways to find artistic commonalities in everyday interactions and social norms. My goal is to create content that is relatable across all backgrounds. Each piece of art tells a story. When the story resonates with someone, and they are able to draw from their life experiences to find correlations of hope, beauty, strength or creativity my goal as an artist/creator is fulfilled.

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