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Stephen Hayes
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Through I my work I create three symbols: a pawn, a corn and a horse, I investigates psychology racism in the United States. My work manifests as sculpture, installation, wood cut, crocheting and video. The emphasis on these three symbols creates a thread between my individual pieces and comments on the symbols of structural racism in our society.
The horse symbolizes to the ideology of the Willie Lynch Letter, in which ‘breaking a slave’ was compared to the ‘breaking in’ of a horse. Many of my sculptures include iconography of horses with broken or manipulated legs. This is a commentary on the psychology or ‘mental breaking’ of black bodies in the United States. The second icon, corn, reflects on the farming of black minds. My work involving this symbol often incorporates images of architectural plans for slave ships. The pawn, symbolizes the manipulation of vulnerable people in society.
My goal as an artist is make a larger audience understand the ‘mental breaking’ that character

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