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Stephanie Pierce

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My painting seeks an intersection between perception and the phenomena of time, light, space, and form as personal metaphor. The paintings track my experience of perception as light moves through space in a continuous wave. Left in the lights wake, overlapping moments are caught in suspension. Fragments of color, light, and location accrue and change with the progression of each day. The paintings can take from two months to a year to complete, and often span seasons. Over time, a loss of solidity occurs, giving a sense of the visual unfolding into forms and space that are at once material and immaterial.
Each painting deals with it’s own problem, idea, or reference, including literature, layered reality, memory, and the interrelationships between light, sound (music) and time. I depict objects that I see as transformative, such as a window, radio, a plant, or a book. I’m interested in an intoxicating welter and the the phenomenological aspects of experience recorded through painting.

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