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Stephanie Pierce

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My observation-based paintings explore interrelationships between light, time, and sound, as well as perception and how reality can be represented as it is reconsidered over time. As light moves through space in a continuous wave, I record moments caught in suspension as fragments of color that change with the progression of each day. The paintings take up to a year to complete. What you are looking at is a record of ongoing transitions, rather than a seamless illusion of a single moment.

I’m interested in how, over time, the density and complexity of the space intensifies, while a loss of solidity occurs, giving a sense of form and space that are at once material and immaterial. Each painting deals with its own set of problems or references, including literature, music, and memory. Simultaneity, coalescence, or crystallization of an emotional light, are the result of the unmapped course each painting takes.

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