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Stacy Lynn Waddell
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Stacy Lynn Waddell
Research Statement

My studio practice is an effort to appropriate the power invested in linguistics, historical record and cultural leitmotifs in search of a narrative that best exemplifies the beauty, melancholy and vagaries of a collective experience that is uniquely American.

By design, my primary lineup of tools is not born of the fine art canon. This decision is an attempt to reconcile contradictory aesthetic directions between the fine art, craft and graphic traditions.

Repetitive motifs, gilding and other forms of embellishment are combined with alchemical and heat-based methods to form the basis of my visual language. Each method that I employ creates a system of emphatic marks and disintegrating tones that highlight my anxieties related to creation in a New Age where I find myself lodged in a middle-ground between virtual and physical experiences.

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