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Stacy Jackson

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

A "Meditation on Humanity", is a project that came to fruition due to the desire to promote global healing, the honoring of our ancestors, and an alternate perspective of humanity’s recorded history. This will be achieved by creating visual art, along with accompanying stories and meditations that address certain events which have had a mass psychological impact on humankind. More specifically, crimes against humanity that have heavily influenced the social and political constructs of contemporary culture.

The first book that I am working on is entitled, “A Meditation on Humanity: Vol. 1 The Transatlantic Slave Trade”. It is the first of a series of books that I intend to do throughout my lifetime. Each book will contain twenty images that accompany specific meditations and stories. This work emphasizes the healing of the ancestral line, but will also focus on the empowerment and healing of their descendants.

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