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Stacey Kirby
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My performative interactions elicit diverse dialogue and cultivate conversation about community, civil rights and belonging in the United States. I use humor to reinvent the bureaucratic process in order to empower people to share their voice.

My performances set within site-specific installations activated by viewer participation, occur in traditional and alternative spaces that inspire improvisational dialogue. The work evolves with the physical and historical setting, political climate, and participants’ involvement at each location. I arm participants with pencils, bureaucratic paperwork and the current state of our country’s war on civil rights.

After each performance, I process responses, document dialogue and tally ballots/cards that are then hand addressed and mailed to a state or national public official. My aim is to empower each participant to share their voice thus transforming helplessness into hopefulness within our current social and political climates.

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