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Stacey Davidson
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I am a painter who makes dolls. My work travels between the observed and the imagined. The dolls are my malleable actors for paintings, and photographs. They are material for sculpture. A long engagement with portraiture informs nearly everything that I do.

When I moved to South Carolina in 2011, all I could think about was its past, so I have studied diligently. What I’m learning has fundamentally changed how I see America, and also the context for my work. This has opened dialog (often difficult) with my students who’ve played a huge role in new understandings. From this, portraiture has re-emerged.

Making portraits from life embodies the kind of undivided attention necessary for a sense of fairness between people. It’s an exchange—of seeing and being seen. I’ve also asked people what they played with as children. I’m working toward a body of portraits and their loved-childhood objects.

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