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Sophia Allison
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My sculptures are excavations and relics of internal landscapes, the remnants from emotionally charged moments in interpersonal relationships, the clunky awkwardness that hardens from unresolved familial discord. They exist as raw, visceral, funny, weird and colorful grotesques, ritual extractions that remap emotional geographies.

The skin of the works are created from handmade paper that is pulped and pulled into sheets that are ripped into strips and overlayed on a wooden armature; additionally some works are created from wet pulp that is piled, pushed, poked and prodded together, sometimes onto wood bases, then wrapped in thread and slathered with acrylic paint and gel. Layers of this media combination are added or removed as needed. As the piece dries, the shape shifts, shrinks and changes.

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